Friday, April 11, 2008

1st day 2nd part

After our Lunch at the seaside we bought a tramticket for th month (~100AUD). Melbourne does not have a subway but a widespread tram network. We took the tram to the southern bank of the Yarra River and continued by foot. While walking to the princess bridge we enjoyed the view on the melbournian skyline.After crossing the Princess Bridge we came onto the Swanston Street, probably the commercial aorta of Melbourne. At the beginning are the standard Australian souvenir shops, interrupted by Asian take-away food stands and shops selling used books. Further north are the shops of Quicksilver, RipCurl (where a bout a pair of Flip-Flops) , other clothing shops and well-know fast-food restaurants like McDonald and Hungry Jacks (=Burger King). I had my first and probably last burger there, not because it didn't taste good, but there is no difference in taste o the burgers you get in Germany. Besides you can get good and cheap sushi rolls everywhere.
Though you see a lot of different peoples there we were fast bored of Swanston Street and took one of the roads leading to the centre of the CBD (Central Business District). What I do like about Melbourne are the clean street with lot of trees even in the centre of the city and contrast of the smaller older buildings and new shiny skyscrapers. Especially those little churches that you can find now and then:
Last but not least we got onto the Rialto Tower and from approximately 250 meters above the ground we had a terrific view over Melbourne and the surrounding areas (this panorama is directed to the west, you can spot right of the middle the Yarra River and Princess Bridge crossing it, farther behind the big stadium for the Aussie Rules Football matches, on the left side is the CBD, on the fa right side the southern riverbank with some new buildings):
With that picture I wanna say goodbye 'till the next article.
Cya soon at "Where the beds are burning..."

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