Friday, June 20, 2008

On the waves again

Last Sunday I got out of Melbourne to go surfing again. Frank (who was part of the surfing group last time, too) had the opportunity to get a car fort he weekend from a friend and so we took the chance to go surfing again. This time Jess had some exams to write and Sylvain was traveling around in Queensland with his girlfriend but Ilse and Markus (two colleagues of Frank) joined us.

In the morning Frank picked me up at 8:30 and after collecting Ilse from her place we drove to Markus and knocked on his door. Well, he opened the door only after three times knocking and looked quite ‘out of the bed’. He had forgotten to set his alarm clock…

Finally arriving in Torquay we went to a surfing gear outlet to get some rash shirts, those you put under your wetsuit and it’s a bit warmer in the water. We got some surfboards at same place as the last time and drove down to the beach. After checking Torquay’s main beach we decided to switch to Jin Juc where the waves would be better and Jin Juc didn’t disappointed us.

Though the swell wasn’t as big as the last time it was very hard to pedal out because the interval between the waves was very short and every time I dived through the whitewater of the waved it pushed me back a few meters and before I could gain ground the next wave was coming in. So I stayed most of the times in the whitewater. It wasn’t so bad because I improved my stand up technique and that would help me following surfing days.

This time I took my own camera with me and as Ilse went out of the water because she was freezing she took some photos of me and Markus surfing.

At 16:30 we had to bring back our boards but that left us some times to stroll through the surf shops which, fortunately, had sale and so we bought some stuff at half to quarter of the price you would pay in Germany.

Back home Frank and I cooked a big portion of Spaghetti Bolognese and opened a bottle of beer to bring the evening to an end.

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