Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sport- & fun-weekend I/II

Hey there!

This weekend was really an active one! First on Saturday some people from the Wackett Centre, Melbourne Uni and me drove out to Coldstream to play Paintball. We had to get up at 6:15, that's a lot of earlier than for the going to work. Mathias, a german who is living in Australia permantly, was so kind to pick Sylvain, Frank (who now lives in our house, too) and me.
The driving to Coldstream took us about an hour. A few minutes later our second and third car arrive and we geared up for the 'battle'. We got all a mask, an overall, an belt which contained the spar loads of paintball, a marker (the gun) and for the wimpss there was the possibility to buy a cup for the precious parts of a man and gloves with plastic reinforcements. The girls got a paded vest similiar too (though a plastic inlay over the breast like the girls at karate use would have been enough ;-) ). The place had several different maps, like one with huts in a forest, two facing fortresses, plain forest, a 'white house' szenario or just a field with some wooden walls to duck behind. There where several different game variants like capture the flag, behind enemy lines (one team has to search for a shot-down pilot, the other had to get him out, that's my favorite), president protection, simple deathmatch and some more.
The first I recieved was a head-shot right on the left eye ( the mask worked without objection) and though we lost the first capture the flag rounds our team got better and better and we won several round. A made some nice hits, too; at least two headshote (sorry Mathias and Frank ;-) ) and in my best round I had six 'frags'. Though there was one round where I was hit before I even could make a shot (Mathias's revenge). We played from 9:30 till 16:00 and I shot about 1100 paintballs. The last two rounds where only to finish the balls, While the first was just run-and-hit, the last one we made a circle with everyone facing to the outside, on the first whistle we moved apart and on the second we turned around and shot... *ouch*.
Though the hits hurt a bit and the taste of the paint is awful ( thanks Mo!) it was a lot of fun and I probably will play again in some months time ( it was relatively expensive compared to the surf trips). In the evening after a whole day of running, proning, jumping, being hit, scoring hits we counted our bruises and Frank's got a nice one on the left side of his back.

Stay tuned for the second part, a Sunday's surf just next to the famous Bell's Beach!!!
PS: Photos will be added or the link to the web album posted.

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