Tuesday, April 08, 2008

On the way to Australia and first day in Melbourne

G'day mates!

After leaving Munich on Sunday evening on Emirates EK 52 (A330-200) Sylvain (a fellow student who's spending 6 month in Australia, too) arrived on Monday morning in Dubai to change on the EK406 (A340-500). A 11h flight from Dubai to Melbourne. The service on both flights was really great and the meals they served were delicious except the breakfast before landing in Melbourne. I took the seafood on some kind of rice that with the texture oatmeal gruel and it was very spicy. The alternative were a omelette with mushrooms... But this was the only thing to complain about on both flights and all in all it was way better than the cafeteria of the TU Munich in Garching ;-)
Dubai International Airport is for a passenger who's for the first time there quite interesing. You'll find a shopping mall in the heart of Terminal 1 and will see a lot of different people with diffrent cultures. Altough, it's very very crowded espeacially in the peak hours. You'll find a lot of people lying and sleeping on the floor, sometimes even without a blanket under them and to find seating place you have to go to the higher numbered gates.

After Arriving in Melbourne we had to go through the Quaratine control zone, where our baggage was checked for anything that could harm the flora and fauna of Australia. The Nestle Dessert Chocolat got through, so my flatmates will have the opportunity to taste my Mousse au Chocolate. We decides to take the Skybs to Southern Cross Station and to walk the last 2km the appartment as we had enough of sittig around (remember we had 11h+6h of flying behind us). We arrived to the appartment wich was indeed a small house seemingly unimpressive little house, but when we got in we both agreed that, it was perfect (photos will come later).

After meeting Helen, who stayed already six month in Melbourne and who will be leaving in a few days, and Susanne, who will stay with us, we got a cup of coffee and a warm shower. I never felt better before!!! After putting on fresh clothes Sylvain and I decided to walk to a restaurant to eat Kangoroos steak as the first meal in Australia. Just right out of the door we took off our pullovers because it was sunny 23°C and a blue sky above us. We walked to the beach were I took the picture of that bridge. After an hour of walking we reached the restaurant where we had the 'roo steaks on the esplanade. That's the way how you imagine the first hours in Oz!!!

As it's already getting late I will continue writting tomorrow!

PS: Hier gibts weitere Bilder:

1st Day & Arrival

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